Memorabilia Framing

The Working Gallery is very experienced in all types of memorabilia framing. Box frames are constructed by building up depth behind the frame moulding to accommodate the memorabilia. Boxes of five inches deep or more are possible.

Supporting and mounting the memorabilia is of critical importance. If an item is to be conserved any supporting needs to be reversible so it can be removed from the frame intact if necessary. This is a technical and skilled task that is best left to a professional picture framer like The Working Gallery.

Examples of memorabilia framing include:

  • Tower of London Poppies
  • Drum Sticks
  • Medals and Badges
  • RAF dress jacket
  • Victorian ladies Rhea feather fan
  • Kilt ensemble
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Boxing gloves

Entrust your memorabilia framing to a professional qualified picture framer. Insist on reversible conservation techniques to protect and preserve your valuable and sentimental items for years and generations to come.

Some recent memorabilia framing projects:

Examples of Memorabilia Framing

Examples of Memorabilia Framing

A number of glazing options are offering, including, high clarity ‘invisible’ glass. This allows the memorabilia to be viewed in the most natural way without the colour distortion and glare of standard glazing. Additionally it provides upwards of 65% UV protection to reduce fading and degradation from harmful ultra-violet light.

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